April 22, 2015
When James Madison introduced the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, protecting Americans from unwarranted search and seizure, he most certainly never imagined the world we live in today.
April 13, 2015
Every day, I am thankful for our heroes in uniform whose sacrifice in defense of our country we will forever be grateful. Thank you, Veterans of...
March 13, 2015
Dan Foster is a hero to us all. His selflessness has been displayed by his service to our country and in this must-see video. Thank you, Dan. And...
March 2, 2015
Thank you, Rebuilding Together San Diego, Team Rubicon Region IX, and USAA for your service to Alpine American Legion Post 258. It was an honor to meet and present Senate certificates of recognition to representatives of San Diego American Legion District 22 and the volunteers who spent last Saturday rebuilding a place that means a lot to our veterans, active military members and their families.
February 12, 2015
Dear Friends, Many of you know prospective or current college students who could use some financial assistance to support them in pursuing their...
January 2, 2015
State Senator Joel Anderson, R-38th District explains what we can expect for 2015.
January 1, 2015
Several new laws are going into effect in California and additionally there are some big issues that need resolving, such as the budget, the drought...