January 17, 2017
I arise in opposition. I never voted with a single source bill before, and I’m not going to vote for a single source resolution. The fact that matter is I have a lot of rural San Diego in my district and we have a lot of clinics. We’re not fighting to get them fully funded. We’re not fighting to...
January 5, 2017
Video from the event.
December 5, 2016
August 23, 2016
Senator Anderson supports AB 1761, which provides affirmative defense for human trafficking victims. Human trafficking victims are not convicted for crimes they were forced to commit while being trafficked. Anderson states that individuals of human trafficking are victims and should not be...
August 23, 2016
Senator Anderson supports AB 1676 as a step in the right direction for ending wage discrimination based on gender. Anderson argues that women should be paid as a man would for the same job. Transcription: Senators, that’s the problem. We keep talking in great game. We keep saying that we want to...