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Senator Anderson on The Mark Larson Show (AM 1170 The Answer)

February 21, 2017

The Libertarian Republic: CA State Sen. Joel Anderson On the Sanctuary State Bill: "Shields Felons in Our Jails"

February 15, 2017
Right now, in the state of California, a bill is circling the halls of Sacramento which aims to turn the entire state into a border to border sanctuary for illegal immigrants. One Republican State Senator however, is vociferously speaking out against it, saying that the bill “shields felons in our...

Voice of San Diego: Sacramento Report: Anderson Becomes a Leading Anti-Sanctuary Voice

February 15, 2017
Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher gets some surprise pushback to a seemingly uncontroversial bill, the toll of public pensions, California considers a homelessness state of emergency and more in our weekly digest of news from Sacramento.

Sen. Joel Anderson's petition to stop California from becoming a sanctuary state

February 14, 2017
Our state leaders want California to become a sanctuary state, and we cannot allow that to happen! Sacramento listens to and protects illegal immigrants, but they do nothing to help the legal taxpaying Californians.

CW6: Interview with Jim Patton on CW6 regarding politics in 2017

January 3, 2017
State Senator Joel Anderson joins Jim Patton on CW6 to share his optimism about politics in 2017.

KOGO: Interview with Ernie Brown on KOGO regarding the Electoral College

November 18, 2016
State Senator Joel Anderson joins Ernie to talk about the new bill begin proposed to get rid of the Electoral College.

Food Fund with Senator Joel Anderson

November 11, 2016
KSON had a surprise guest show up to the final Food Fund stop at Perry's Cafe in El Cajon: Senator Joel Anderson!

KFBK: New Law Targets Fake Celebrity Signature Sales

September 20, 2016
Recently passed legislation is aiming to put an end to the sale of fake celebrity signatures. AB 1570 now makes it punishable by law, to sell any autographed item without a genuine certificate of authenticity.

The East County Californian: Community remembers 9/11 victims in El Cajon ceremony

September 14, 2016
The next wave of 9/11 victims is the ones dying of 9/11/2001 related illnesses. El Cajon resident Ely Quintero, 16, said, “I started hearing about it about three years ago.” That new twist to more 9/11 victims was also noted in the speeches of various dignitaries at a 9/11 ceremony organized by Sen...

La Mesa Courier: Shifting gears to the classics

August 26, 2016
At the La Mesa Classic Car and Bike Show, held by the city of La Mesa, many of the people at the event found themselves nostalgic as they cruised down memory lane alongside friends and family.